Cx Digital Marketing

Think Differently: Build customer audiences, creative promotion campaigns, and lifetime value.

Strategy and Planning

In today's highly competitive environment, companies don't have the luxury of long drawn out strategy and planning sessions. Our methodology and platform enables our clients to set their objectives, targets, and key performance indicators in hours, not days. It takes access to unique data and insights, and broad experience across digital and traditional channels and platforms. It takes the right mix of disciplines to ensure implementation of a comprehensive strategic marketing plan that meets both customer and business needs.




eSurvey and Feedback

Brand Challenge: How can we pinpoint actionable opportunities from customer comments and feedback?

Our proprietary tracking, analytics, and reporting solution provides brands with an end- to-end view of multiple channels of customer feedback to drive action. A combination of structured surveys and unstructured customer feedback is the only way to effectively measure and improve the customer experience. The voice of your customers is the best source of timely information about brand perception and the customer experience. Feedback and text analytics gives you the capability of harnessing that resource effectively and efficiently so that your brand can improve the customer experience and develop ongoing customer loyalty and advocacy.



Social Media Integration

Know internal before it goes external.

Most companies are investing in Social Media in the form of people, systems, applications, and even 3rd party services. We capture customer data and work with clients to integrate with their “internal” systems giving them the opportunity to listen, remediate and respond before comments go “external” to social media where they may result in a negative brand impression. In contrast, we enable our clients to immediately capitalize on any positive customer data and push it to social media sites to create a positive brand impression. It’s your data, and you should have it sent to the right systems, in the right format, at the right time. It’s about giving decision makers the best information possible to make timely and accurate decisions with promotion and social media campaigns.